The DNA that defines us

Nelbel came about with the primary objective of building an economic-industrial heritage that was the perfect translation of the DNA of “being Portuguese”, in an increasingly globalized and competitive world. And what DNA is that? It is the strategic intent, the universalist vocation, the scientific commitment, the knowledge management, the looking out of the box (out of the box) in order to be original and surprising, the mastery of asymmetric information, the critical spirit and even organizational improvisation. The intrinsic capacity of the Portuguese people to overcome difficulties and storms has always been a competitive advantage, both in the past and in our days, in the face of an economy that for the Portuguese has always been global and now shows itself in permanent change. It is, moreover, this sense of openness, which made Portugal occupy the 15th world position in the globalization index.

We are European by nature and Universals by Vocation

It was in this spirit that Nelbel was founded and 30 years later it proudly presents itself as a living testimony of Portuguese DNA and an unequivocal statement of the vision and principles of its founders.

The intact safeguarding of this DNA and of a “know-how” that is not replicated but that is learned, was taken care of by Nelbel through the most committed and firm commitment to the valorization and qualification of the human factor, as a unique key in the creation of a true differentiating value for our customers.

Unmistakable proof of this appreciation and commitment are our employees, many over the age of 45 and 40% of whom have more than twenty years of professional and affective connection to Nelbel, who work every day to better serve our customers, based on their knowledge and experience, but always open to innovation and development.

At Nelbel we believe that we do well when we know, but we do better when we love what we do!

This is the only way to explain Nelbel’s unique ability to impose itself in the international market, producing for iconic brands and clients in the European fashion world, with the added merit of operating in the luxury segment of the most different markets, such as the Japanese, Russian, Nordic and Latin.

The physical expansion of our facilities and the bet on the most advanced and innovative technological solutions are the faithful guarantor of our ability to understand and learn from our customers in their competitive context, offering differentiating solutions and providing know-how that differentiates us and that is recognized worldwide both by our partners and by our customers.

Nelbel, we are what we do!

Our Company

The production process begins with direct and effective communication with the customer throughout the development of the model. A closer look and you may have a better understanding of how we work.